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Due to our impending move to Dreamwidth RESERVATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. Reservations that currently have time left will be frozen and reactivated when the game reopens on Dreamwidth on JANUARY 26, 2012.



[[Hetalia: Axis Powers]]
Spain (Antonio Carriedo)-}} Koro-chan
-----> Expires January 22, 2012

Ciel Phantomhive-}} Corey
-----> Expires January 11, 2012

[[Metal Gear Solid]]
Psycho Mantis Carthight_9
-----> Expires January 10, 2012

[[Pandora Hearts]]
Ada Bezarius-}} Lina
-----> Expires January 15, 2012

[[Star Trek: Enterprise]]
Dr. Phlox-}} Tracy
-----> Expires January 17, 2012

Reserves are valid for two weeks!
If you would like an extra week extension, you may request one before your reserve expires. Otherwise we will consider the reserve over.

While we understand it can be exciting to see a character you've been hoping to play with reserved, please refrain from having conversations on this page! It gets confusing for us on the mod-squad, and we don't want to miss any reserves. Please keep comments on this page solely to reserves and extension requests. Thanks!

Use this form when reserving:


RESERVES ARE CLOSED. WE WILL BE MOVING TO DREAMWIDTH ON THE 26TH OF JANUARY. Reservations and applications will REOPEN on Dreamwidth on the 26th.
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