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Due to our impending move to Dreamwidth APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. Applications currently out for revision may still be submitted for review. Applications will be open once more when the game reopens on Dreamwidth on JANUARY 26, 2012.



Applications are processed weekly, every Saturday.
Before applying, please read the FAQ and Rules pages.
Please submit your app with the journal you plan to use if you have one made already. If not, another journal is fine, but we prefer your intended journal.
Please Title your application as { [FANDOM or FANDOM OC]CHARACTER NAME || Series Title || reserve/noreserve || X of X }
IMPORTANT: Our application form was edited on Sunday, October 22, 2011. Please use the revised form.
✗ If you are looking for an example of what an application should be like, please refer to the application here for an example of a canon character application, and here for an original character application.

✗Fandom Application

✗Fandom OC Application

✗OC Application

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